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Friend & family addiction support

Living alongside someone who is struggling with addiction – alcohol, drugs or gambling, for instance – can be difficult, distressing and often heart-wrenching. You want to help but may not know how, or where to find the kind of support needed. A person struggling in the depths of an addiction causes a ripple effect which spreads to affect all those surrounding him or her, be it family, friends or colleagues.

Delamere is on your side

Families and loved ones affected by addiction often talk of their exhaustion, frustration and sense of isolation when trying to help. Here at Delamere we’re on your side, ready to provide the experience-based advice you need in order to help you cope with the situation.

We understand the vital importance of family and friend support, and the positive difference it can make for a person embarking on the journey towards becoming addiction free. We provide the education and support you need to be able to provide on-going help after the person has left Delamere’s care, and are available at all times to help and advise throughout the process. Our Family Conferences are a key part of our care package, and are designed to keep everyone aware of what is happening, and to ensure that everyone is working in the same way, towards the same goal.

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The power of friends and family

In our experience, the involvement of family members and close friends sends a powerful message to the person with the addiction – one of love and caring that makes that person more likely to listen to what is being said, and therefore to agree on taking a remedial course of action.

Please don’t hesitate if you feel that this is the stage that the addiction problem has reached – get in touch with Delamere and we will immediately set the wheels in motion with a view to instigating a customised treatment programme at our addiction treatment clinic.

If your loved one is in denial, speak to us about our intervention services which encourage and motivate action.

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Stay well, stay positive

Attempting to cope with another’s addiction can be physically and mentally draining, and sometimes you seem to take two paces back for every pace forward. Looking after your own health as much as possible will help you face the challenges ahead, as will maintaining a positive attitude. Don’t let hope fade, because when hope starts to fade so do the chances of the person making a full and lasting recovery.

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