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Nobody stumbles across these pages by accident; we’re glad you found us.  If alcohol, drugs or behaviour are causing problems in your life, you may be struggling with addiction.  That be the case, we wish to assure you that everything can change with the right support.  The pages that follow talk to you about what addiction is, how it affects people and how it can be treated.  If you are struggling with addiction and want to make changes, Delamere can help and the best next step is to call our team who will take some time to understand what is happening and help you move forward.

What is addiction?

You may be wondering what addiction is and whether you have become addicted to or dependent on alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs or behaviour. It is likely to be a painful and confusing time in not only your own life, but the lives of those around you. Although addiction often feels like an extremely lonely place to be, the fact is you are no longer alone and there is nothing to be ashamed of. At Delamere we have helped countless participants break the cycle of active addiction and make profound transformations. Despite the fact you may be feeling hopeless, there is a solution.

“Addiction is nothing more than a coping strategy that’s stopped working. Delamere is a place where people come when they’re in crisis yet they leave having made profound personal transformations.”

Addiction doesn’t discriminate

Addiction affects as many as 1 in 3 of us and is characterised by a lack of control around doing something or taking something that is causing you harm. Think of it in terms of the repetition of a behaviour, despite the fact that behaviour is causing problems. Addiction affects people from all walks of life and is no respector of circumstances. There are also all manner of substances and behaviours that people struggle with. You can read more about our work with specific addictions here.

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Signs and symptoms of addiction

Addiction is confusing to live with and often complex to understand as it affects the brain and the systems that regulate reward, motivation and memory. There are often physical symptoms to addiction that can bring about intense cravings and withdrawal as well psychological components such as an obsession or a compulsion to ‘act out’. When these symptoms are coupled with consequences brought about by the addiction, it all becomes a frustrating and scary place to be. Work, relationships, finances as well as physical and psychological health are often affected.

“Suffering with addiction and being trapped in the cycle of drinking, using or acting out often feels like a hopeless and helpless place to be.”

If you are living with an addiction you’re likely to be experiencing:

  • An inability to stop or moderate the addictive behaviour.
  • An obsession around the substance or process that has become a problem.
  • Consequences associated with your addiction.

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Grow beyond addiction at Delamere

We know all too well that the process of seeking help with addiction can be confusing and daunting. The range of options you can turn to are many and varied, from simply calling a specialist helpline to following a rigid, drawn out rules-based rehab programme.

At Delamere we treat a wide range of addictions and associated issues on a residential basis. Whether the problem area is alcohol, drugs, internet, depression or behaviour we believe that with the right support anyone can permanently break the addictive cycle. We insist that real and lasting progress is about much more than simply stopping. Successful treatment is about helping individuals work through whatever it is that is underneath the addictive process or the ‘symptom’. Unlike many traditional and conventional clinics we offer a varied and immersive approach and it is our experience that participants need to be engaged, stimulated and bonding throughout their time with us. We offer focused educational and experiential formats alongside detox and rehab treatments and all that we do is anchored to outcomes.

“Getting well or recovering isn’t about adhering to a list of rules or punishing ‘bad’ behaviour, it’s about understanding and healing from addiction, loss of connection and trauma.”

Delamere’s approach to addiction treatment comprises three core residential modules that mark a distinctly fresh and dynamic approach to residential rehabilitation treatment. These are STOP, START, GROW. You can read more about our approach and how we can help here.


Frequently asked questions

Delamere offers a free assessment service and if you’re struggling with addiction we’d recommend you call our team for a confidential chat. We’ll take some time to understand what’s happening for you and what treatment is likely to be effective. You will speak with someone who’s in recovery from addiction themselves and is qualified to help. If you don’t need residential treatment, we’re pleased to offer outpatient services and can also signpost support group meetings and services local to you that can help.

Residential treatment at a registered clinic like Delamere is proven to be the most effective way to treat a serious addiction problem. The resource and expertise on hand at Delamere means we are able to help with both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction which not only helps you stop safely but also acquire the tolls you will need to stay stopped in the long terms and future proof your recovery. You can read more about our treatment programmes and environment here.

Most people choose to stay at Delamere for between 4 and 6 weeks on a residential basis. Our medical detox programmes tend to last between 7 and 14 days and our therapeutic programmes usually run for 28 days. Once your residential stay has come to an end, we offer ongoing support to assist you for 12 months. Where appropriate we tailor shorter, more intensive courses too or indeed longer stays depending on individual needs. It’s worth having a chat with our admissions team about what you need and how long is optimum.

Once you are ready to make a commitment to treatment we will honour that courageous step with a swift and easy admissions process. Provided we have availability we can usually welcome you straight away.

At Delamere we’re proud to employ some of the most experienced professionals in the addiction treatment sector. As a registered clinic that offers medical detox we employ doctors, nurses and healthcare assistants. Our innovative and dynamic treatment programme is delivered by therapists, facilitators and holistic wellness practitioners. During your stay you’ll also get to know our friendly hospitality team who provide great food and ensure you are comfortable throughout. Many of our staff are themselves in recovery and all at Delamere share in our vision of Exemplary Care in First Class Facilities. You can read more about our team and their experience here.

Yes, absolutely. We’ll also invite your loved ones to engage in workshop sessions to better understand addiction and the process you’ll be going through in treatment.

The following pages on our site outline our approach, ethos and services. If you’d like to visit us to get more of a sense of our environment and how we can help, we’d be pleased to welcome you at the clinic.