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Outcomes: Our why

Posted by Martin Preston
on 17 Jul 2021

Delamere is a purpose-led organisation with a very clear ‘why’.

We exist simply to help guests who come to stay with us achieve the very best possible outcomes

Doing so is a great privilege and it is hugely motivating for our team to support participants here as they Grow Beyond Addiction.

The joy of this work for me personally and for many of my colleagues is in witnessing guests heal and grow.

In many who stay with us, it’s not a stretch to describe their transformation as profound.

For some, it’s a very physical change they undergo here. Having arrived in a poorly state, ravaged by addiction they repair physically as they safely detox and become rejuvenated by the simple tonic that is healthy food, proper sleep and people who simply care.

For others, their progress is most visible when they start to smile again and find the courage to look the world in the eye again as they start to unpack whatever it was that was driving their addictive behaviour.

On occasion, it’s during a Family conference that a guest really finds their voice and starts to own their truth as they make an amend to a loved one they pushed away in an attempt to protect their active addiction.

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More often than not it’s during a ‘graduation’ ceremony that a guest’s growth and hard work becomes most apparent – often as their peers describe the change they have seen in their new found friend.  

And most happily, it’s in the news that former guests share about how their lives have progressed since they completed The Delamere Treatment Model.

We have former guests who have gone on to help others recover from addiction.  Others who are reunited with their children, are starting a new career or are celebrating a recovery milestone.

Former guests of Delamere

Here’s some former guests who are living their best lives since they found freedom from addiction.

Charlotte Southall has given up alcohol and is hoping to inspire others

Charlotte is an ambassador for Bee Sober, a community organisation that supports people who chose not to drink alcohol.

And James, frustrated by the lack of sober holiday options, has launched a Dry Holiday company operating out of the Canary Islands.

We love success x

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