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What makes Delamere addiction treatment different?

Posted by Martin Preston
on 15 Jan 2020

Delamere was created to break the mould of traditional rehab – harnessing the power of experience to deliver something that is both different and effective.

We did not want to be bound by the confines of a building that was originally developed for a different purpose or to reproduce treatment plans and worksheets that were developed many years ago and haven’t been brought up-to-date.

Delamere Health provides something new and different in addiction rehab, offering:

  • the only purpose built addiction treatment clinic of its kind in the UK
  • a bespoke and truly holistic rehab programme
  • a nurturing environment for staff
  • compassion in addiction recovery.
group of people in therapy clapping

Purpose built rehab clinic set in countryside

Delamere is designed – inside and out – to foster, encourage and aid the addiction recovery process.

All rooms are large, with masses of space for our guests to spread out, take part in group and individual therapy, spend time together and find solace in moments alone.

We’ve worked hard to harness the healing powers of nature by building in large windows that look out onto our landscaped grounds and courtyards, with the calm, tranquil and discreet surrounds of beautiful Cheshire countryside beyond.

We have separate buildings for treatment, accommodation and admin, meaning our staff and guests have defined spaces in which to work and relax. At the end of a day of focused recovery work, guests can walk away from the treatment block and step into a homely area of solace with the feel of a boutique hotel.

Delamere clinic being built in 2019

Fun is also promoted at Delamere. Recovery is all about finding a happier and healthier future.

Our treatment package includes use of the outdoor areas. Guests can find freedom within the grounds and take part in things such as fire circles – a powerful experience where guests can sit around a campfire and share thoughts, concerns and struggles.

There are numerous lounges in which to relax and every bedroom has plentiful space and en-suite facilities. Our executive rooms are even more roomy.

All fixtures and fittings are new, fresh, clean and modern.

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Bespoke and holistic rehab programme

Our treatment model has been written from scratch to encompass the vast amount of experience our team brings and allow for true innovation at the same time.

Everything we do is closely tailored to each individual who comes to us and treats the entire person – mind, body and soul.

We have medical and clinical staff on site 24 hours a day to ensure the highest safety standards for everyone undergoing detox and treatment. 

Stop, start, grow at Delamere

We see detox as a separate phase of care where you are allowed to focus on healing and becoming physically and emotionally strong enough to fully engage in recovery.

As well as talking therapies and counselling, we offer somatic therapies that allow trauma to be released via the body without the necessity to talk it through, which can be very triggering and difficult for some people. 

A nurturing environment for staff

Everyone who works at Delamere gets to experience the somatic therapies that are part of the menu of care options for guests.

We believe we can’t look after our guests properly if we don’t also nurture and look after our team.

Regular mindfulness sessions are part of the experience for staff here and we seek to allow our team to experience equine therapy – a treatment involving interaction with horses as well as some of other healing methods, including yoga, massage and breathwork.

Our advisory board member, workplace wellness expert, Prof Sir Cary Cooper delivers sessions and our staff get to sample the meals we serve to guests.

Compassion in addiction recovery

Everything we do drives toward enabling transformations that last well beyond rehab.

We treat our guests with respect and compassion and celebrate the courage they’ve shown in seeking treatment.

With us, it is not a case of working through a number of prescriptive steps, rather of building a thorough understanding of yourself, the challenges you are faced with and developing new coping mechanisms to allow a new and brighter future.

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What makes Delamere addiction treatment different?
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What makes Delamere addiction treatment different?
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